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01 August 2012

Living Islam In Real Life


How can I live as a Muslim and who are my examples?

this is a very important question for all muslims. there are many muslims today who have lost their morals and muslim character. To live life as a true muslim, mere lip service is not acceptable. You have to beleive in what you say. You cannot say one thing and do the opposite.
"do people think that they will be left alone upon saying, 'we beleive' and that they won't be  tested?" (29:2) surah Al-Ankabut :2
If you go back to the time of the Rasulullah s.a.w, you can see the sacrifices made  by the Sahaba. One  of them, Bilal ibn Rabah showed some of the greatest sacrifices. which is on one occasion ,Bilal's owner, Ummaya ibn Khalaf took Bilal out onto the hot sand and placed a heavy stone on his chest. Ummaya then tried to force him to renounce his faith in Islam. But Bilal would just repeat,

(Allah is my god,He is One)

this shows the love of islam that the Sahaba had.Nothing was more important to them than their deen. Another example of sahaba who made sacrifices for the deen was the great Salman al Farsi. He grew up in a very wealthy family and was loved very much by his father. but this did not stop him from eventually finding islam. Salman fled his house in Persia,accepted Christianity,accopanied a caravan to syria,traveled around, journeyed with a group of Arabs and then was sold into slavery to a Jew, then he encountered the Prophet and accepted islam, all on his quest for learning the true Deen.

another important aspect in living life as a muslim is TAQWA. Taqwa is defined as allah consciousness or being aware of allah. this means that wherever you are,you know that Allah is always watching over you. Allah describes the people who have no taqwa as people who have forgotten their own souls and become rebellious transgressors.
"and dont be like those who forgot Allah, and He made them forget their own souls! those are rebellious wrong-doers" (59:19) surah Al-Hashr:19
the Prophet also once said
 'Taqwa is the root of all wisdom'

there was a Sahaba by the name of Ibn Umar who used to cry very often in the fear of allah. as a result, his crying led him to near blindness. He said to someone watching him, "you wonder at my weeping. even the sun weeps with the fear of allah "
one another ocassion , he is reported to have said "even the mood weeps with the fear of allah"

to develope Taqwa certain points have to be practiced is :


one of the five pillars of islam and is extremely important. during the day it constantly reminds you of the Almighty Creator. 
Salah is a form of Dhikr (remembrance of Allah) and eventually helps to lead Taqwa
not only develope taqwa, it also washes away your sins. 

Abu Hurairah heard Allah's Messenger say: 
"if there was a river at the door of the (house) of one of you, and he bathed in it everyday five times, would you say any dirt would be left on him?"

everyone there said :
"no dirt would be left on him"

the Propest s.a.w continued :
"this is the example of the five prayers by which Allah washes away sins"

as you can see,Salah is a major point of living life as a muslim. over all, living life the islamic way based on many different aspects. these aspects should be taken under consideration by every muslim, because every muslim doesn't necessarily lead life the islamic way.

the best examples to reflect living life the islamic way is in the examples of Sahaba and the Blesses Messenger. It is said in Surah Al-Ahzab:21

"you have indeed in the messenger of allah a beautiful pattern...." (33:21)

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